​        We strive to produce sound, healthy, and beautiful American Hairless Terriers who will enrich the lives of those who share our love of this breed. loving. Being a labor of love, one that does not end when a puppy is sold, but for us continues when the puppy is placed with the family.  It also continues for a lifetime, as we like to hear from our adoptive parents about our special puppies.   

        If you are interested in being placed on an “interest list”, please contact us at miracleterriers@gmail.com.   
Miracle Stages Puppy Program

    We believe that a Miracle American Hairless Terrier puppy is a precious gift, one to be nurtured, loved, given the very best of care and supported.  Although, we breed sparinly, we do ocasionally have puppies available for loving homes.   We place our puppies very carefully, therefore, we hope that you will understand that we have as many questions for you as do for us.

        We believe that puppies need a strong committment on the part of the breeder, including time, attention and resources.  We do not have multiple litters at a time, and only breed once or twice a year if that.  We also schedule our litters when we can fully devote our full attention to the puppies.   Our puppies are lovingly hand-raised in the heart of the family amid the day-to-day activities at Miracle.  We believe that proper socialization of a puppy in its first weeks helps to produce a confident and happy dog in later years.  As a puppy is exposed to varying sounds, activities and socialization, it learns that life is not to be feared, but to be explored.  

    Linda has created an exciting and innovative puppy program entitled MiracleStages©.  Based on the work of Pfaffenberger, Scott and Davis, Fox and other animal behaviorists, MiracleStages© begins before the puppies are even born with special attention to the dam.  After the puppies are born, the program embraces and capitalizes on the sensitive period of canine development and socialization during the first year.  MiracleStages also incorporates the “BioSensor” program.  Through touch conditioning, neural, auditory and tactile stimulation, exposure to differing sounds, sensations and activities, your puppy is given the best start towards a long and happy life as a member of your family. 

        Significant socialization with other dogs and people, is an important component of our program. From children to senior citizens, puppies are exposed to people of all ages and gender. Specific problem solving games have also been incorporated into this program, which include beginning agility games, obedience games, and clicker training. Research has shown that puppies that are involved in activities that are components of MiracleStages© have more neural networks, more dendritic synapses, and larger brains. This all equates to a puppy who is ready to join your family, and is more than ready for the special “job” you have for your puppy. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, good-tempered puppy that has had the opportunity and succeeded in capitalizing on the sensitive period of canine development. All puppy owners will be provided with specific activities to continue throughout the first year.