Miracle AHT Puppy Application
To be considered for one of our puppies, we would like to get to know you.  This questionnaire helps us learn about you, what you would like in a puppy, and enables us to match one of our puppies to you.  After we receive the questionnaire, we will follow-up with a telephone call to talk to you in person.  In order to be placed on our “official” waiting list for a puppy, we want to make sure we are all on the same page about animal ownership.  

Our puppies are always considered “family pets” first.  Puppies  will be sold on a spay/nueter contract and registration papers will be held until proof of neuter or spay has been received.  We also do not ship our puppies for health, developmental and temperament concerns.  You may come to Phoenix to pick up your puppy, or we are more than happy to bring the puppy to you.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at miracleterriers@gmail.com or (623) 341-2224 

* If Allergic to dogs, has an allergy trial been completed?
Do you currently have pets
Do you plan on adding additional dogs to your family
Do you participate in any of the following activities:
Have you ever bred a litter of puppies?
Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter or rescue group?
Have you ever had an animal put to sleep?
Have you or anyone in your household eve been charged with animal abuse or neglect?
Have you ever lost a dog because it escaped or ran away?
Type of Residence
Do you own or rent your  residence?
Do you have a fenced yard?

If you answered no to above, how will you provide security for puppy when it is outside?
Are you open to a home visit?
Are you looking for a pet or show prospect?
Are you interested in male or female puppy
American Hairless Terriers come in coated and hairless, which do you prefer?
Are you currently on a waiting list for any other litters?
Do you travel frequently?
Allergic to dogsNot allergic to dogs
AgilityTerrier RacingObedienceConformationLure CoursingOther
No Yes