We are Joe and Linda Dannemiller. In 2004, we began our search to find the perfect dog to add to our family. Linda's allergies were a major concern, and we wanted a dog that could be a full member of our family. We found the American Hairless Terrier, an amazing breed that is perfect for many individuals who are allergic to other breeds of dog. They are smart, quick, energetic, very active dogs who are extremely loving and loyal. 

We established Miracle American Hairless Terriers out of our love and devotion for this wonderful breed. With our human kids grown and on their own, Linda stays home and continues to devote her time to her  family, amazing grandchildren and AHT kids.  With her degree in psychology, Linda has developed several programs, including a wonderful program for puppies that begins before breeding and continues until the pups are one year of age. Her program is named MiracleStages©.

We are active in the American Hairless Terrier Association, and   Linda is a Director of the National American Hairless Terrier Board of Directors and Chairperson of the AHTA Health Committee. We are founding members of the Caliente All Breed Canine Association, of which Linda is President.  Linda is also a United Kennel Club Conformation Judge.  

Our philosophy is simple.  We breed sparingly, but when we do our emphasis is on our three pronged Breeding Protocol:

Temperament, Health, and Structure
The most important consideration to us when breeding is the temperament of our puppies. We take special care to breed outgoing, social and confident sires and dams. All puppies take full advantage of Linda's MiracleStages© program. We do not place our puppies at 8 weeks, but find they need a bit more time to take full advantage of the mother/puppy and sibling relationships. Temperament testing is completed at seven weeks.

The second element of our Breeding Protocol is Health. We strongly believe in health testing all Miracle AHTs. We support the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) program, which makes breed specific recommendations for health testing. Our Miracle breeding sires and dams are screened for the following:

* Patella Luxation (orthopedic vet)
* Cardiac Function (vet cardiologist)
* Legg Calves Perthes (OFA)
* Hip Dysplasia (OFA and/or Penn-Hip)
* Primary Lens Luxation (DNA testing through OFA)
* We also currently test for MVD through SBA testing

All breeding dogs receive a comprehensive exam and blood work prior to breeding. Our mothers receive state of the art reproductive care through our reproductive vet specialist. All puppies receive the same care, and come with a 2 year health guarantee against genetic diseases. We also screen for canine allergies and do not breed a sire or dam that has allergies or has shown that they produce it.  

The final element of our Breeding Protocol is Structure. One of the reasons we breed is to improve the structure of our breed. By careful pedigree analysis and consideration of all available stud dogs or brood bitches, we make careful and deliberate breeding decisions. We do not chose based on convenience or location, we chose based on pairing the best male and female in temperament, health and structure. Our hope is to help this breed prosper.

We anticipate breeding to produce our next show/performance prospect, but we will occasionally have puppies available to responsible and loving homes. If you are looking for an American Hairless Terrier, feel free to contact us. We would love to meet you as we always love to "talk AHT's." You can reach us at (623) 341-2224 or by email at miracleterriers@gmail.com.