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Joe and Linda Marie Dannemiller

We are a small show/performance home located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Nestled in the foothills of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, we live a fun and relaxed life where our American Hairless Terriers are cherished members of our family.  Our "kids" live,  play and sleep with us in the comfort of  our home, in a relaxed family atmosphere.   They are full members of our family; they are loved, nurtured, and cared for. 

We are strongly committed and strive for excellence in our American Hairless Terriers.  We fervently believe in responsible ownership and selective breeding for temperament,  health and structure.  We breed sparingly,  but when we do breed,  we breed primarily for those three parameters.  Our goal is ALWAYS to breed for an exceptional American Hairless Terrier that can be both a loving companion, but also a working American Hairless Terrier.   The American Hairless Terrier can excel in swimming (Dock Diving), Agility, Lure Coursing, Drag Racing, Rally Obedience and Obedience.  They also make amazing companions for individuals that like to jog,  hike or walk long distances.   They truly are a dog that can do it all.   

Here at Miracle American Hairless Terriers,  we have bred puppies that have gone on to become service dogs for individuals with differing challenges as well as disabilities including:  depression,  panic disorder,  children and adults in the autistic spectrum,  and generalized anxiety disorder.   Our puppies also have titled in both AKC and UKC Dock Diving, Agility, Rally Obedience and Lure Coursing, as well as Barn Hunt.  Many of our puppies have become Champions and Grand Champions in UKC and have been awarded Top Ten Status throughout the years.  Starting in January 2016,  several of our puppies will begin to show in Conformation as the American Hairless Terrier achieves full status in the AKC.  

CA  GRCH  Flinthill's Rowen True Miracle
We thank you for taking the time to look at our site. Please feel free to contact us at miracleterriers@gmail.com or (623) 341-2224. 

Joe and Linda Marie Dannemiller

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